Late Minyan Membership And Yamim Nora'im

Any problems, please email vaad'@'

All services will be at our location on Hapalmach as in previous years. Shabbat services will be on Hashayarot at Harel Synagogue.

There is air conditioning both for men and for women.

Times (All are tentative):

Rosh Hashana Shacharit will start at 9am.
Shabbat Shacharit will start at 9.45am
Yom Kippur Shacharit will start 8.30am

Membership dues are how we survive as a community. If you attend, even irregularly we would like to invite you to become a members.

Please fill in the following details if you would like to become a member of Late Minyan and/or attend Yamim Nora'im Services

  1. Full Name:

    Contact Number:


    Full Name of Spouse (if relevant):

    Contact Number:

    Email Address:


  2. Would you like single or family membership?
    Single (150nis)
    Family (200nis)
  3. Yamim Nora'im Seats:

    I would like seat/s for all three days (members - 150nis)
    I would like seat/s for all three days (non-members - 200nis)

    I would like seat/s for two days (members - 120nis)
    I would like seat/s for all two days (non-members - 150nis)

    I would like seat/s for one day (members - 70nis)
    I would like seat/s for one day (non-members - 80nis)
  4. Methods of Payment

    Please do NOT send cash. Cheques should be made out to "Kehillat LLM" and mailed to Nick Clements, C/O Late Minyan, HaPortzim 28, Jerusalem, 92541. If mailing, please include a printout of this form.

    Bank transfers can be made to:
    Name: Kehillat LLM
    Bank: FIBI (031)
    Branch:Rehov Azza (013).
    Account Number:105-269999.

  5. Important

    In the following box, please give details of how many males/females are attending on which days. In addition, if you are paying by bank transfer, please let us know once you have made the payment as we can't see the source of payments and won't know that you have paid otherwise.

  6. Last Step

    Please click on Submit below. You will then have a chance to confirm your details.